Imagine what you never knew you were losing - now imagine it realized.

We help our clients safe guard disbursements and achieve their financial goals by leveraging the intellectual capital of our team, as well as the experience with sophisticated ERP systems of varying size and complexion.

We know mistakes happen. Mistakes have no boundaries and neither do we. What we provide with XPro is a software as a service solution which accelerates the recovery of unrealized profits. With the default algorithms we recover $1.4M for every $1.0B in spend. As each business is unique, we then customize the software to help find additional recoveries.

Our Services

We cover a vast variety of services spanning the United States, Mexico and the United Kindgom reaching into retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial institutions, oil and gas, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies.

We do the Heavy Lifting

XPro requires an AP history file and a vendor master file from your ERP. Our system manages the rest of the process of recovery through a series of advanced machine learning algorithms and automation of business processes to recover unrealized profits from your suppliers. This all happens without ever needing to open a single box of files.