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SphereNexus for Suppliers

Eliminating the barriers between new markets & you.

Express Connections to Any Buyer

The Simplest way to share who you are and what you have to offer with the right people. Are you at a show and need to share your information with a contact who showed interest? Enter the email address of the contact into the Express Profile tool and your contact is given direct access to your SphereAccess profile and items.

Get notifications

Get notifications of when buyers view your profile or have questions about your products. With the Business profile you see each buyer who matches against your profile and items.

Simple Security

With multiple layers of encryption and protection, it is the most secure way to share who you are and what you have to offer.

Buyer Dashboard- Company Information

SphereNexus for Buyers

Search, Connect, and Evaluate new potential suppliers and items in a secure, private environment

Buyer Dashboard- Items

Algorithmic matching

Algorithmic matching makes searching obsolete as we exit the information age and enter the relevant age. Suppliers are profiled and verified in SphereAccess and then matched against buying profiles so a buyer sees only the companies that matter to that particular buyer.


The SphereAccess profile answers 90% of the questions you as a retail buyer will ask about a potential supplier and their products. The design enables you as a buyer in under 2 minutes to know who a supplier is, what they have to offer, and where they could or could not play within your merchandising categories.

New Item Alerts

Suppliers can post new items into SphereAccess and if that item matches your profile you are automatically alerted with all the details from costing, production capacity, and all other pertinent details necessary to make a decision on a new item

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SphereNexus?

SphereNexus is a global retail buyer network that companies access with a subscription. Buyers actively search for new companies and enhanced product offerings while companies can submit their items directly through the network to verified retail buyers all over the world.

All companies have to complete a profile at which point their information is analyzed and the SphereNexus algorithms are applied which matches the company and the correct buyers in real time.

Why do I need SphereNexus?

In an expanding global retail environment, barriers are high to open up new doors and markets. SphereAccess empowers a company to present themselves, their items, and their capabilities all in a secure and private virtual environment to verified and legitimate buyers in markets many companies never thought they could access. Custom translation protocols break through barriers and allow companies and buyers to communicate in real time each in their own language.

Who will be able to view my company’s information?

Once a company has completed their profile in SphereAccess, verified retail buyers from around the globe will instantly be able to view your company’s profile as well as products and items.

Is my company’s information secure?

Yes. SphereAccess employs the latest security technology available and is monitored 24/7. SphereAccess prescreens and verifies every buyer in the network so that any buyer who has access to your information is authentic as well as particular to your specific product categories.

Can I control who is able to view my company’s information?

Yes, you can make requests that only specific retailers have access to your company’s information.

Can I change pricing information for different retailers?

SphereNexus has multiple options to suit your needs, which includes setting a default price or entering in custom pricing per retail account.

My company is a private company; do we have/need to supply the sales data?

Strategic retail partners are transparent with the world’s largest retailers about their estimated volumes and where those volumes are generated. As more companies have expanding global presences, sales volumes and other data we collect helps the retailers identify where a supplier can help them grow their business not only in the United States but on 6 continents.

Through secure communication and privacy only the correct and verified retail buyers have access to your profile. You have options in SphereNexus to limit who has access to your profile and products.

I am having problems completing my company’s profile, who can I contact for assistance?

Please feel free to call us at our toll free number 1-800-710-7260

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