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Sphereaccess Inc. is a leading technology company creating real world solutions for the ever-changing business needs of the largest companies in the world. From finance to facial recognition; our team of industry experts paired with proprietary technology from our innovation lab has enabled Sphereaccess to maintain its position as a trailblazer in humanity‘s path forward. Our commitment to our clients is to create the best version of tomorrow through collaboration and partnership. Come see what tomorrow looks like together.






Profit Recovery Simplified

Profit Recovery as a financial best practice serves to reduce clients’ erroneous payments, improve payment processes, and enhance fiscal performance. However, without a clean vendor master and proper vendor verification the problems add up fast and profits start disappearing. We are here to help!  We start at the top of the funnel ensuring your vendor master is clean, verified and up to date.Using industry proven algorithms we discover, validate, and get approvals to recover all the money owed to you while giving 100% transparency ensuring all parties have a top notch experience.


Making Digital Signage Intelligent

CUE is the newest revolution in facial recognition marketing. Using our industry best facial recognition algorithms built into our content delivery platform we not only know who’s watching and for how long but we can target ads directly to demographic profiles. Our software transforms standard digital signage into a business intelligence juggernaut.

CUE helps advertisers make more calculated delivery, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Targeted demographic delivery

  • Realtime audience attention and attraction data.

  • Realtime advertisement performance data


meet the EXECUTIVE team


 AP Manager - Fortune 1000 Manufacturing 

"SphereAccess exceeded our expectations in all areas.  They completed the audit extremely fast, recovered a significant amount of money and helped our team understand our control gaps."

 Finance Director - Fortune 500 Services

"XPro is by far the most advanced and user-friendly audit system I've used."

VP of Procurement - Fortune 1000 Oil & Gas

"SphereAccess delivered and implemented a fully customized vendor portal in under 90 days. The staff have been very professional and easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and have shown they are leaders in creating Procurement solutions. "


AP Manager - Fortune 1000 Hospitality

"You know you've chosen the right audit company when your vendors are telling you how easy the audit was and how friendly the team is."

AP Manager - Fortune 500 Retail

"The XPro system is easy to navigate and allows me to track the audit progress at any time. The audit team is thorough and pleasant to work with.  We continue to choose SphereAccess as our trusted partner because their service is unmatched."

Director Finance - Fortune 1000 Telecom

"Doing this Profit Recovery Audit was a task that needed to be done and with Xpro help we were able to recoup close to 800K in funds that we would have lost.  Your staff at Xpro was professional in dealing with our clients. The process was smooth and your dashboard was easy to follow and track our recoveries."

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